Data & Job Placement


The results of the research show a need for construction managers in the state of Tennessee. Experts show that construction firms cannot find enough skilled workers or leaders to build, innovate, and revive the building industry.

  • According to the Tennessee Industry and Occupational Employment Projections 2014-2024 (, “…the construction industry…continues to be a driving force of economic growth with expected employment of 122,690 jobs, growing faster than average at a rate of 1.3 percent.”
  • According to the April 2019 Tennessee Labor Market Report (, the number of people employed in the construction sector is 126,400 which is up from 122,500 in April of 2018 (one year prior). Here we see a 3.2% growth over one year. It is clear that the increase in demand for construction jobs is larger than the predicted demand from the report written in 2014. The data over the last year shows 3900 construction jobs added in one year.
  • The number of construction jobs in the state of TN in 2014 was 107,700. This data shows an increase in construction jobs of 18,700 over 4.5 years, which is 4155 jobs per year on average. This represents a 3.85% increase each year. This data shows consistent growth in this industry over the last 4.5 years and qualifies the construction industry to be considered one of the fastest-growing industries in Tennessee, per the benchmarks set in the Tennessee Industry and Occupational Employment Projections 2014-2024.
  • Currently, on there are 124 open positions with the description of “construction management” and 695 projected annual openings per year.
  • When searching for jobs with the keyword “construction” on this same site, 603 open positions were found. Within this search, there are many positions that a STONEPILE llc graduate would be qualified for such as estimator, construction project manager, field technician, wireless construction manager, construction superintendent, construction assistant superintendent, construction administration, construction office assistant, construction inspector, and construction coordinator.

“According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), “79% of construction firms plan to expand headcount in 2019, but most are also worried about their ability to find qualified workers.”  [Contractors Remain Confident About Demand, Worried About Labor Supply: The 2019 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook Report, AGC]”

According to Mike Bellaman, president and CEO of the trade group Associated Builders and Contractors, “We are projected to have about $1.3 trillion in construction spent this year… We still project that we have another 400,000 to 500,000 jobs ready to be filled. And if we continue to grow at modest rates and if we get an infrastructure package – say $100 billion a year over 10 years, we could add another 700,000 jobs.” [Grappling with an acute labor shortage, the construction industry is being forced to get creative. CNBC, Nov 5, 2018].

Program Comparisons

Why do we need another post-secondary institution?

  • Tennessee has a large demand for construction managers.  And at the same time, Tennessee has few training and educational options for someone to enter this field. Based on this data, the need for a local, affordable, and accessible program for BAS in Construction Management is warranted.
  • Innovation has been lagging and requires clear training to meet the current demands of technology and current speed of coordination.
  • STONEPILE llc students will be ready to engage in the work that increasingly involves automation, AI, robots, technology, and the global business landscape. With a focus on infrastructure and rebuilding responsibly, this need for skilled professionals who can analyze, communicate, and execute in this industry are without question.

Comparable Programs

Using website and searching for “Construction Management” educational and/or training programs in the state of Tennessee yielded the following results:

Construction Management – Middle Tennessee State University 27 students received a Bachelor Degree in 2017 21 students received a Bachelor Degree in 2016
Construction Management – Southern Adventist University 0 students have completed this program in 2017
Other Related Programs Construction Business Principle Certificate – Pellissippi State Community College Construction Engineering Technology Associate Degree – Chattanooga State Community College Construction Science BS degree– UT Institute of Agriculture Engineering Technology Management BS degree – University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Washington-based personal finance advisory website Kiplinger has compiled a list of the majors with the best job prospects at the beginning of 2019…  architectural engineering, food science, economics, chemistry, and material science, business administration, software engineering, construction management, computer science, and many others. A lot of these degrees revolve around information and data, one of the fields that have already shown major growth in the last few years and will continue to grow fast in the near future, too.  []

Job Placement

STONEPILE llc guarantees that all graduates will receive career counseling, resume assistance, and connection with potential employers for immediate hire. It is our goal to make sure every graudate gets a job as soon as possible. Although we cannot guarantee immediate placement, we guarantee all graduates continuing assistance with job placement until they receive job offers.

Being online, tech-focused, and created by experienced instructors, our program helps graduates learn the skills needed for success.

  • The distance learning program is designed to train the student through the construction timeline of a building project. The student will learn to analyze construction materials, site construction, foundation and concrete construction, building framing construction, masonry construction, plumbing construction, HVAC construction, envelope construction, electrical construction.
  • The student will work daily communicating with teams and with construction drawings, executing construction specifications and product specifications, acutely preparing them for actual field conditions.
  • Online courses include modules on construction materials, site construction, foundation and concrete construction, building framing construction, masonry construction, plumbing construction, HVAC construction, envelope construction, electrical construction as well as construction drawings, mechanics, leadership development, technical communication, and accounting practices for the industry.
  • Students will also participate in General Education Curriculum in the online classroom using literature from our extensive online library or purchased textbooks.  Literary classics, as well as recent journal publications and proven research form the basis for much of the psychology, philosophy, and literature/composition-based courses.
  • STONEPILE llc firmly believes that graduates of the STONEPILE llc AAS and BAS program will be better equipped for work than other students in equivalent programs due to the rigorous online environment meant to match the current demands of the actual business world.  Increasingly, all industries, including construction, are turning to digital, electronic, high-speed, tech-savvy solutions and data to create efficient and relevant products and services.
  • The students will be ready to engage in the work that increasingly involves automation, AI, robots, technology, and the global business landscape.
  • STONEPILE llc construction leaders will be trained to Analyze, Communicate and Executive at every step, relying on values-based training in Humility, Honesty, Respect, and Freedom.