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With an AAS and BAS degree, students will go on to become leaders in the Building and Construction fields.

Wage Range Position State Year Salary
Median Wage Construction Managers TN 2018 $72,632
Median Wage Construction/First-Line Supervisors TN 2018 $55,519
Entry-level Wage Construction/First-Line Supervisors TN 2018 $50,042
  • A student with an AAS degree in construction will enter the construction manager workplace with less leadership responsibility and likely entry pay of  $50,000.
  • A student graduating with a BAS degree in construction management will have opportunities for employment and will be given larger responsibilities and higher entry-level pay.  This student will also be able to continue on to graduate studies, which gives them more opportunities for the future.
  • When searching under the keyword “Construction Managers” for current job opportunities, 8.55% require a bachelor’s degree and 2.56% require an associate degree. This data shows that there are more opportunities for graduates with a BAS degree.  Data shows that 77.78% do not specify any degree.  Based on experience, employers prefer for a construction manager to have a bachelor’s degree, but due to the shortage in the labor force, they are excited to hire AAS graduates as well.

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