Financial Accountability

Financial Data for Transparency and Accountability to the State:

Each student will be set up with their own financial account after they submit their first application fee.

From that point on – all financial records will be kept accurately within that financial account.

  • Charges to student for credits or other fees
  • Charges will clearly indicate the period of enrollment that the charge is for
  • Payments from student
  • Current balance
  • Amounts owed
  • Any tuition waiver from STONEPILE llc

The CLIENT statement will be printed in pdf and saved to the STUDENTS Basecamp File monthly for the student’s access.

Financial Aid

As a new institution, we are not yet nationally accredited and cannot offer financial assistance via the Federal Government.

Private grants or tuition vouchers may be given under specific circumstances of hardship.

In general, STONEPILE llc aims to provide top-level, private education at the lowest tuition possible to ensure freedom of education and financial responsibility.