Polices and Procedures

STONEPILE llc requires the following:

  • Students enrolling in an Associate of Applied Science or Bachelor of Applied Science degree program must possess, at minimum, a high school diploma, a high school diploma equivalency, or postsecondary credit in a degree program.
  • Students enrolling in the Masters of Applied Science in Prefabrication, Modular, and Offsite Construction must possess, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree.
  • STONEPILE llc requires the submission of original and formal transcript from highest level of schooling mailed to STONEPILE llc by the institution.
  • In addition to your completed application with signature, STONEPILE llc requires the submission of a 1-2 page written essay. The applicant must also submit a video of them reading this essay. On this video the applicant must hold up, close to the camera, a valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, state ID card).
  • A $100 non-refundable application fee is required for processing the application.
  • There is no cash discount for tuition.
  • There is no ability test required.
  • Prior to the last day of Week Five (of 15 total weeks [33%] of the semester), students may withdraw and receive a full refund by STONEPILE llc of all monies paid, excluding the $100 application fee. No refund for the semester will be given for withdrawal after Week Five (of 15 weeks) of that current semester.
  • If special circumstances arise, a student may request, in writing, a leave of absence, which should include the date the student anticipates the leave beginning and ending. The withdrawal date, if applicable, will be the date the student is scheduled to return from the leave of absence but fails to do so.
  • A student will be determined to be withdrawn from the institution if the student misses 20 consecutive instructional days. Instructional days are all calendar days of the semester, not including holidays. Missed instructional days are those which the student does not log on and post a message, assignment, or discussion post. The 20 days will be measured from the last day of posting a message, assignment, or discussion post.