Attendance Policy

In accordance with the U.S. Department of Education guidance regarding class participation, students must submit their required Week 1 Assignment within each course(s) during the first 7 calendar days of the class. The first calendar day of class is the official start date of the course as listed on the STONEPILE llc calendar.

Specific Attendance Guidelines:

Class Sessions:  Students must engage (login and participate) with their online class at least three separate days per week (i.e., three “class sessions”).  There are three class sessions each week in which the student must participate. The first class session is to post their original response to the online discussion (by Day 3 of each week), the second class session is to post their completed assignment (by Day 5 of each week), and the third class session is to post their response comment back to the discussion board (by Day 7 of each week).

Absence:  An absence is defined as failure to log in a post in a class session.  There are three class sessions every week. Any student who does not log on and participate in a class session will be considered absent for that class. An absence is defined as failure to log on and post in the discussion board (twice weekly as delineated above) and once in the assignment area (to respond to the weekly assignment) by the expected date of completion.

Holidays: As a private institution, STONEPILE llc is not required to follow federal holidays; however, some of the major holidays are noted on the calendar.  On the major holidays listed on the Calendar, the student can post one day later than the scheduled class session.  (e.g., If Labor Day is on Day 3 of a Course Week, the Discussion board response typically due by Day 3 will be due by Day 4 of that week).