Affordable & Success-Oriented Higher Education

STONEPILE is a new institution of higher education offering a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management and Associate of Applied Science in Construction.

Why Students need to know about this 4-year construction college

Forging the way to higher education and a success-oriented degree for your students:

What are we doing that’s different from the rest?

  • Guiding the next generation of construction leaders and executives
  • Harnessing innovation to build smarter, faster, greener
  • Getting women into the construction leadership field
  • Training students to become tech-savvy and global leaders for an industry ripe for takeover
  • Preparing construction leaders for immediate job placement
  • Offering an access point into the 1.3 trillion-dollar USA industry (13 trillion global)
  • Meeting today’s’ industry needs for skilled leaders
  • Teaching NCCER certified curriculum taught by executives currently in the field
  • Connecting students with job placement opportunities across the country
  • Offering 3 semesters a year and a 4-year degree (120 credits) in as little as 2.5 years.

Contact Katie to learn more now!

Katie Browning
Director of Enrollment and Student Services
Stonepile LLC

[email protected]



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Jodi Vermaas, PhD
Program Director





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