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We offer a variety of continuing education courses so you can upgrade your construction skills

Professional Development Classes to Advance Your Construction Career

Are you interested in upgrading your skills or expanding your learning horizons? STONEPILEllc provides a range of courses to serve the needs of our communities and provide pathways to additional learning.

At STONEPILEllc, any Architect or Engineering professional can use our classes for ConEd and earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) or Continuing Education Units (CEUs). One course at STONEPILEllc (3 credits) would be 45 PDHs.

Classes Offered May 1, 2023

101- English Literature and composition

This course teaches students to analyze prose writing in a variety of periods and disciplines. Students will analyze their understanding of the ways in which writers use language to provide both meaning and information. With these foci, the students will communicate accurately, compellingly, and clearly in order to execute proficient writing and analytical skills

111- Analytical Geometry and Trigonometry

The goal of this class 111 is to understand and learn about math that students would use on a job site. From finding areas of standard shapes, how to calculate a combination of shapes. Students will learn about formulas needed to calculate the areas and how to present the solution in the correct format.

161- Site Construction and Construction Materials

The goal of this class 161 is to study site construction for buildings. Specifically, we will study the site investigation, site design, site layout, utility layout, and site construction for building construction. We will also study the role of BIM in site construction and utilities. Other goals are the design and development process of the site, layout site for building construction, site control setup, boundary surveys, and topography survey. Students will also explore different construction materials for site construction.

162- Foundation and Concrete Construction

The goal of this class 162 is to study foundation and concrete construction. Specifically, we will explore the different types of foundations used in all construction. We will also research concrete as a building material in construction. Other goals are understanding the foundation design, excavation, and construction. Students will also learn how concrete is formed, designed, and finished.

301- Introduction to Architectural Design

The goal of this class 301 is to introduce the students to architectural design and help them understand the process of designing a buildingStudents will develop an understanding like an architect of how to design a building. Students will learn how to communicate accurately the design process between architects and engineers. We will analyze the complete design process. Students will also learn how to execute the control check for construction drawings.

311- Introduction to Licensed Contractors

The goal of this class 311 is to explain what licensed contractors are, why they are needed, what they do, and how to become a licensed contractor.  After this class we want our students to understand all the possible contractor licenses that are available.  We want our students to know what each does.  We what our students to understand exactly how to become licensed.

331/2/3- General Contracting Licensing

This class 331/2/3 aims to train students to learn everything about General Contracting and General Contractors. This will include learning how to become a general contractor and perform all the GC’s required tasks. Students will be studying construction drawings and construction math. First, we will go through types of construction drawings- reading and understanding those, as studied in semester 1. Then, we will explore fundamental math ideologies like shapes, measurements, spacings, etc., which will help in on-site construction.

561- Site Construction and Prefab Logistics

The goal of this class 561 is to study site construction and prefab logistics for industrialized construction.  We will study the details behind industrialized, prefab, modular, and off-site construction, including construction methods, shipping, transport, and setting. This class aims to introduce the students to modular construction and its types. To study the basics of modular construction, industrialized construction, and volumetric construction.     

562- Prefab Foundation and Concrete Construction

The goal of this class 562 is to study prefab foundations and concrete construction.  Specifically, we will study the types of foundations used in modular construction and types of precast concrete foundations.  We will also study using concrete as a building material in modular construction. The goal of this class is to teach prefab foundation and concrete construction.

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