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About Stonepile

The mission at STONEPILE llc is to harness the power of innovation, technology, and experience to train the next generation of construction leaders in values-based perspectives, success-oriented knowledge, and real-world construction skills.

Stonepile Construction College is changing our industry. Teaching real-world building mechanics, AI and automation and offering a masters degree in prefabrication, modular and offsite construction, Stonepile Construction College is developing the leaders who will innovate and evolve the way we build.

Stonepile Programs

Associate Program

Learn more about our Associate of Applied Science in Construction program and curriculum.

Bachelor Program

Learn more about our Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management program and curriculum.

Master Program

Learn more about our Master of Applied Science in Prefabrication, Modular, and Offsite Construction program.

About Dave Cooper LIVE

Dave Cooper LIVE was inspired by the idea of building a community rooted in construction innovation. It has become a network of industry leaders looking for new ways to drive better results. By showcasing successful case studies within the built environment, Dave Cooper LIVE is an educational resource addressing challenges like construction productivity, labor shortages, housing attainability and the client experience. From building science to industry insight, Dave hosts global conversations on product and process innovation and offers a behind-the scenes look at world-class manufacturing facilities, master planned communities and more. Join our conversation to connect, collaborate and improve the way we build.

Do you want to learn how to build using the latest construction technology? Do you want to develop world-class leadership skills and create for yourself a world-class opportunity? This is not your typical trade school or higher-ed experience. Stonepile Construction College is laying the foundation for construction innovation.

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