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The Construction Industry Invests in Students

The 1.3 trillion-dollar construction industry is experiencing a shortage of leaders in the field.  In a survey of nearly 1000 construction firms, 75% noted the need to expand their teams in 2020.1 Their top concern was a lack of qualified and ready job applicants.1 In response to this shortage, many private firms and groups are providing funding for students interested in joining the field. STONEPILE helps connect students with the many sponsorships and scholarships becoming available.

The goal of funding is to invest in students who will invigorate the industry and become the next generation of experts in the field. Some scholarships are state-specific whiles others specify funding for certain groups, such as ethnic minorities, trade-specific construction students, and women. In addition, STONEPILE will help connect students with local construction contractors to explore scholarships and internship opportunities.

Notable Scholarship Opportunities

Many states offer financial aid and scholarships. In addition to publically-funded financial aid and scholarships, here are some exciting scholarship opportunities:

Affordable Degree Options

Check out  SmartScholar to view up to 30 additional scholarship opportunities for students pursuing higher education in construction and construction leadership.

With so much enthusiasm for this expanding field, students win! STONEPILE offers affordable 2- and 4-year programs in Construction and Construction Management. Contact me with your questions about scholarship opportunities and STONEPILE’S affordable degree options.

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Jodi Vermaas, PhD
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