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So online school is accessible and flexible—but often not cheap.1 Online college programs are supposed to be less expensive, but most colleges charge the same or even more for their online programs as they do for their traditional, in-person offerings.

According to a survey to 182 academic and institutional officers in charge of digital learning at their schools:

74% charged the same tuition for online programs as on-campus ones and 23% said they charged more for their online programs.

We believe online is the future but are committed to keeping it low cost!

Here’s How We Do It!

The ZERO SCHOOL DEBT Model is our commitment to helping students earn their Associate or Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Construction and Construction Management– debt-free. We are committed to serving and counseling students to stack up skills, education, and leadership experiences without stacking up school debt.

How does the ZERO School Debt Model Work?

Immediate Opportunities

Now is the time to learn more and tell your students about this great opportunity. Here are some easy ways to find out more:

  • Introduce students to the founder and Instruction Director of STONEPILE llc, and BASE4’s CEO Dr. Garry Vermass at scheduled conference call or video chat.


  • Invite female students to speak to Executive Coach and Program Director of STONEPILE llc, Dr. Jodi Vermaas on Women in Construction Leadership.


Remember that STONEPILE llc is the first college dedicated 100% to construction education! If you want more information on how to connect students with our ZERO SCHOOL DEBT plan, feel free to contact me.

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Omara Urena
Director of Admissions



*All images courtesy of BASE4

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