Recap: STONEPILE llc Construction College at IBS 2022

STONEPILEllc shocked thousands of attendees by presenting our solution to the current labor shortage in the construction field. In attendance were our Institutional Director Dr. Garry Vermaas, VP of Enrollment Management Hamed Shibli, and Marketing Director Naslha Espinal, who met with hundreds of people about the importance of innovative education that is both affordable and accessible.

IBS 2022 took place in person at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. This premier event hosts networking, learning, and discovery opportunities through product launches, educational sessions, and home-building displays.

Did you know: IBS exhibitors launch hundreds of new products and services each year. Leading manufacturers and suppliers share their latest products and answer your questions on the show floor.

Thank You for Visiting Our Booth!

Education is a huge part of IBS.

STONEPILEllc Construction College’s mission is to harness the power of innovation, technology, and experience to train the next generation of construction leaders in values-based perspectives, success-oriented knowledge, and real-world construction skills.

With our Trial 5 Program, students can try five weeks of college at no cost!

Dr. Jodi Vermaas
Founder I Disruptor I Mother of 12


*All images courtesy of BASE4

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