Counselors: Help Students Count the Cost on College

It’s that time of the year when seniors are choosing their next steps! Apart from all the current challenges we are now facing due to the pandemic, students are wondering if college is the right choice. Undergraduate tuition, possible graduate degrees, and room and board all add up, especially for students taking out loans. This can leave students wondering, “Is college a wise investment?”

Did you know 70% of graduating seniors will enter the workforce with an average student loan debt of $29,400?

~Source: The Institute for College Access & Success

Because of this looming debt, students are prioritizing how their school ranks as far as their ROI (return on investment) is concerned.

What is the ROI of a Degree?

Source: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics |

STONEPILEllc graduates pay three to five times less on their monthly loan repayment—if they need any loan at all!

The cost of college continues to rise at unprecedented rates. The probability of achieving a positive ROI on a bachelor’s degree diminishes each year. As college costs outstrip inflation and cheaper alternatives to higher ed become available, the cost-benefit analysis of a college education becomes less favorable.

A New Solution

The rising cost of college, current safety issues, and the rapidly changing economy make relevant education more important than ever!

As a mother of 12 children, I understand the struggle.

College can translate into meaningful careers and well-balanced education, but is there a way to make it worth the price tag?  If students choose degrees in lucrative fields from institutions that are affordable and accessible—the answer is a resounding “yes!”  That’s what STONEPILEllc The Online Construction College is all about!

Did you know that with a degree in construction technology, students graduate ready to earn over $90K per year? Plus STONEPILEllc has a No School Debt Model and leadership training to ensure graduates leave college ready to enjoy all the opportunities of the 1.3 trillion dollar construction industry.

Online. Affordable. Success-Oriented.


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Dr. Jodi Vermaas
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