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Key Benefits of our Construction Courses

Acquire Hands-On Construction Expertise and Valuable PDHs for Your Career Advancement.

Solve Practical Construction Challenges and Enhance Your Skills through Community Collaboration.

Gain Flexibility in Learning and Expand Your Professional Network in the Construction Industry.

Key Features of Our Construction Courses

Explore our Expert Courses

Modular Construction

Kit of Parts Construction-Panelized Walls and Pods

Unlock Efficiency in Kit of Parts Construction: Explore panelized walls and pods for streamlined building processes in our course.

Prefab Construction

Site Logistics-Loading and Unloading

Master Site Logistics: Efficient loading and unloading techniques for streamlined construction operations in our course.

Prefab Construction

Site Logistics-Transportation and Shipping

Optimize Site Logistics: Learn effective transportation and shipping strategies to streamline construction operations in our course.


Air Distribution Systems

Master Air Distribution Systems: Explore design, installation, and optimization for efficient HVAC performance in our course.


HVAC System-Hydronic System

Dive into HVAC Hydronic Systems: Explore design and operation principles for efficient heating and cooling in our course.

Electrical Construction

Electrical Boxes,Conduit,Raceway and Fittings

Explore Electrical Infrastructure Essentials: Learn about boxes, conduit, raceway, and fittings in our course.

Electrical Construction

Grounding and Bonding, Overcurrent Protection

Master Electrical Safety: Understand grounding, bonding, and overcurrent protection in our specialized course.

Structural Construction

Wood Construction-Walls

Unlock Wood Construction Techniques: Dive into wall construction methods in our specialized course.

Plumbing Construction

Venting Techniques

Optimize Venting Strategies: Explore effective techniques for ventilation in our specialized course.

Our Success Stories

Chip Parsley

Industrialized Construction is the future, and I want to be prepared. STONEPILEllc gave me the chance to get my masters in Prefab while leading in my own firm.

Rick Muñiz

I’ve always wanted to expand my academic background with a Master’s Degree. Because this program is flexible and ahead of its time, it was an absolute must to enroll! I’m currently half way through the program and the knowledge gained to date has already made me a better professional serving my company and industry.

Shyam Patel

The course helped me truly understand what I had seen in the field. The classes had great information in them, and the professors have an intricate knowledge of construction.

David Casimiro

I'm happy to be part of STONEPILE. Loving what you're doing here! Was attending community college before STONEPILE, an engineering construction program. I've learned so much more in the short time here and I know this is just the beginning. Excited for the future.

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