A Higher Education Solution to Labor Shortage

A painful labor shortage continues to impact all sectors, especially the construction industry. The construction sector has lost more than 1 million workers, and almost all areas of the industry are experiencing project delays due to skilled labor shortages.

According to a model developed by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), the construction industry will need to attract nearly 650,000 additional workers on top of the average hiring pace in 2022 to meet labor demand.

The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) found that for every $1 billion in additional construction spending, construction gains 3,900 jobs. As massive infrastructure spending enters the pipeline, the industry will have a lot of hardhats to fill.

According to Forbes, in a season of economic recovery post-pandemic, an ongoing labor shortage is hurting small businesses and entire industries alike. Still, workforce technology may offer a quick solution.1

Job sites must adopt more efficient processes to battle the current labor shortages. Technology is vital to streamlining construction. However, while technology makes the construction site more efficient, we must continue to look ahead to the needs of this expanding industry. No matter how efficient we get, we still need more skilled workers.

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1. https://www.probuilder.com/how-technology-could-combat-construction-labor-shortage?oly_enc_id=2004E0467178J6W

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