Differences Between Community and Online Colleges

When it comes to choosing which college to attend, there are plenty of options. Today one of the biggest concerns for students is the cost of earning a degree. Community college seems like a good solution to this problem; however, only about 13% of students end up graduating from community college within the two years allotted.1 Isn’t there a better way?

Did you know: Online courses are an affordable and convenient alternative to attending a community college or even a traditional university.

Disadvantages of Community Colleges:

  • Limited Curriculum: Typically, community colleges are 2-year schools. If you plan on obtaining a 4-year degree you will have to transfer to another school at some point.
  • It may not offer 100% credit transfers: Not every credit that you take at the community college level may transfer to a 4-year accredited institution.
  • Not as many major course options: You won’t find as many courses that prepare you for the career you are interested in. Instead, it’s usually all about the basics.
  • Low Graduation rates: Only 13% of students graduate in two years.

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Graduation Rates—The Online College Option

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What is an Online College?

A growing number of students are obtaining their college education through online colleges. Online colleges have made higher education more accessible than ever before. Improvements in technology and the need for people to have flexible school schedules while they are working have led to a large number of online colleges.

Learning online is a great way to increase your knowledge and skills thanks to its flexible environment!

The benefits of online education are endless. Some of the most cited benefits include flexible scheduling, cost savings, self-paced learning, affordability, and cutting-edge technology. For more on the Benefits of Online Learning, read the following:

Should Students Still Consider Online College?

Online education has become commonplace, but how do you know…

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1. https://www.communitycollegereview.com/blog/the-catch-22-of-community-college-graduation-rates

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