How Technology is Revolutionizing Preconstruction

Every building that captures your eye has undergone a demanding, detailed planning and preparation journey in the fascinating construction world. The key to excellence is building upon a solid foundation, literally and figuratively. It is important to kick-start the great way a project. That’s where an important phase comes to mind: the preconstruction phase. Regardless of the magnitude of your project, construction pre-planning is an indispensable ingredient for success. Read on.

Pre-construction is the Most Important Phase of Construction

Construction pre-planning is an indispensable ingredient for success. It acts as a guiding compass, giving clients the confidence to proceed by evaluating crucial factors such as cost, available space, and more.

  • Construction pre-planning takes place before the project begins. This service involves defining the project, identifying potential problems, planning, scheduling, project scope, cost estimates, and analyzing what is needed for the job.
  • Preconstruction services allow the client to get a clear picture of what the job will look like, how it will be done, and when each part will be completed.

It is important that project managers carefully plan construction to have a smooth operation at the site so that the project stays within the schedule and budget.

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A pre-planned strategy is key to building efficiency and streamlined processes, so your work stays on schedule. It assures unexpected surprises that may lead to costly solutions and other troublesome issues.

That’s where technology in the preconstruction phase comes in. Digital takeoffs and cost-estimating software are just the tip of the iceberg regarding how construction tech can benefit the preconstruction process.

  • AI and Machine Learning for Construction Workflows: Optimized workflows are essential to well-running projects and teams in the AEC industry. AI makes it easier to succeed across the construction workflows: communication, data, and transparency, resulting in greater productivity and profits.
  • Workforce Management Software: More companies are turning to software platforms to bring more efficiency and actionable analytics to their workforce. Construction innovations in workforce management solutions include predictive tracking, forecasting, and mobile-first interfaces.
  • Drone Technology: The use of drones has changed how construction companies operate for a variety of reasons. Drones can map and survey areas where heavy equipment or humans can’t go.

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