Mother of 12 reinventing construction education

You’ve read her newsletters and articles; now it’s time to meet the woman disrupting the $1.3 trillion construction sector while raising 12 children! Who is Dr. Jodi Vermaas?

Founder | Disruptor | Mother of 12

Dr. Jodi Vermaas, disruptor, author, and education pioneer, believes it’s time we rethink higher education and prepare the next generation of construction leaders. In a recent article, she explained, “As a counselor and executive coach, my job has been to train leaders in the construction industry. Working as Chief Leadership Officer of an international AEC firm, I had the opportunity to live and in work all over the world.”

How did that fit with STONEPILEllc?

In my global adventures, I have found two incredible challenges: millions of dollars being wasted by the construction industry and millions of orphans needing homes.

To solve these two problems, Jodi got to work. Click the article below to get the full story behind this amazing woman and the construction college she’s built. Check it out!

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