The First College Dedicated to Construction Education

Now is the time for your students to get a higher education in one of the most innovative and lucrative fields—the construction industry. In this time of uncertainty, one fact is certain: We are rebuilding America!

  STONEPILE llc is 100% dedicated to the field of construction, specializing in innovations for the future.

An Education to Change the World

With over 9 million skilled professionals, construction is a growing industry with a vibrant workforce. Cutting-edge technologies are drastically changing how the industry operates and how future projects will be completed. Companies continuously need to find more innovative ways to design, build, and deliver greener, safer, and faster, which creates opportunities for new construction professionals with fresh ideas and methods.

  The next generation can design, build, and deliver the world greener, safer, and faster than ever before.

The Sky is the Limit

A degree in construction leadership means your students can achieve success while changing the world. Here are five great reasons to work in construction!

  1. The building industry never runs out of jobs: A degree in construction puts you front and center in an industry that continues to reimagine how to build better housing, hospitals, and commercial infrastructure.
  2. There are equal work opportunities for everyone: Whether you want the professional atmosphere of an office or the freedom of the outdoor construction field, this industry offers 100s of different jobs suitable for every kind of personality.
  3. It’s a great way to impact the community: With a degree in construction, you have an opportunity to shape the world—and do it in a way that is greener, safer, and more beautiful than ever before.
  4. Construction is a lucrative industry: Estimates have it that engineers, skilled construction workers, site managers, and architects are earning four times above the average cost of living.
  5. Job satisfaction is inevitable: A degree in construction offers immediate work prospects amid an exciting team environment, which translates to instant job satisfaction.

We are the first construction college that is 100% dedicated to degrees in the wide open field of construction. An Associate of Applied Science in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management can open doors to some amazing career paths. STONEPILE llc specializes in construction education, offering an affordable educational opportunity and 100% online.


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Omara Urena
Director of Admissions
Stonepile llc




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