When Your Student Bombs the ACT and SAT

Standardized Testing Woes

It’s that time of year again when students shuffle into mandatory ACT and SAT tests, hoping to reach a score high enough to prove worthy of acceptance to the college of their choice. Sadly, many non-traditional learners feel inadequate when testing and falsely believe higher education is not for them.

By non-traditional learners, we mean those students who might not have the financial and familial advantages needed to ace standardized testing and other normed benchmarks. Here’s an example of some of the students who often struggle with competitive testing:

  • Students with English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Those with Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Students with disabilities and 504 Plans
  • Anyone with a specific learning disability (LD)
  • Less privileged students who have unequal access to test prep support
  • Anxious test-takers
  • Students who cannot afford to take the test multiple times

What Are the Options?

You know these students. You counsel and guide them toward their next steps. The challenges have frustrated us so much that we began STONEPILE llc, a place for any kind of student to learn, grow, and excel in affordable and success-oriented higher education.

  As a mother of 12—many adopted internationally and out of poverty, I know first-hand the challenges that coincide with non-traditional learners attempting to fit into the traditional college route.

*STONEPILE llc founders Drs. Garry and Jodi Vermaas with their 12 Children

At STONEPILE llc, we want to support you as you support your students. Here are some recent updates about standardized testing:

  • Over 1000 colleges have changed their test-score requirements for admission for the 2021 school year due to the pandemic. This is great news for any students that don’t excel in standardized testing. The catch: this only applies for 2021 applicants! 1
  • A minority number of colleges have chosen to make test scores replaceable by other assessment criteria, such as GPA, a personal essay, or class rank. The catch: the colleges that have joined this test-flexible option still accept test scores, suggesting an abilities differentiation between applicants who do and do not turn in the scores.
  • Numerous community and state colleges do not require high standardized test scores, giving non-traditional students access to higher education. The catch: many state and local schools require a certain test score to be considered for public grants and funding.

Many forward thinkers like us at STONEPILE llc recognize the need to provide quality higher education that is accessible to everyone—even those without means or strategies for competing on the ACT, SAT, or IB exams. Although many colleges have not yet made the jump, we founded our college on this test-free idea, giving all students access to higher education and a lucrative career following graduation. No catch.

We Get It!

STONEPILE llc offers your students a chance at higher education that does not require standardized test scores or high tuition. With our online AssociatesBachelors, and Masters of Science Degrees in Construction Leadership, we have just the program for your non-traditional students.

  It’s time to level the playing field and give all students opportunities for a higher education that works.

To talk through options for your non-traditional learners, contact us today.

If you’d like to learn more about the students who inspired STONEPILE llc, check out my break-out bestseller, which tells the story of how our family of non-traditional learners taught us how to measure success differently. Be inspired and get your copy today.


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Dr. Jodi Vermaas
Program Director
Stonepile llc





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