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Construction is one of the first fields that come to mind when thinking about male-dominated careers. As a female executive in the field, I am here to tell you that there are endless opportunities for women in construction. 

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Women in the Construction Industry in 2021

Historically, women make up about 10% of industry workers, even though they make up 47% of the overall US workforce. With technological advances, it’s the perfect time for women to break down barriers and become more influential in the industry.

With a degree in construction management, women can enter the field of construction in advanced leadership positions.


Want to know if construction leadership is for you?


A Degree in Construction

Here are some reasons why women will benefit from a degree in construction management:

  • Graduate into leadership as a Project Manager.
  • Earn over 90K with your Bachelor of Applied Science degree.
  • Get immediate job placement in a growing field.
  • Harness soft skills, such as organizational management, workflow assessment, quality. control oversite, team-building, and motivational leadership.
  • Master the new industrialized construction methods, including tech-savvy, clean, safe, and automated ways to build faster, greener, and better.

STONEPILEllc the first construction college that is 100% dedicated to degrees in the wide-open field of construction. An Associate of Applied Science in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management can open doors to some amazing career paths. We specialize in construction education, offering an affordable educational opportunity and 100% online.


Dr. Jodi Vermaas
Founder I Disruptor I Mother of 12



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