These Degrees = High Paying Tech Jobs

Students who want to become leaders in construction must master technology. It is no longer good enough to become an apprentice—students need technical training and a tech-savvy higher education.

  No longer can your students skip higher education if they want to thrive in the construction field!

As we enter the 4th industrial revolution, students must embrace the power of technology—even in the construction field. The current shift in construction toward innovation, creativity, and technological advancement is unprecedented.

Technology is Required

Technology investments are driving the construction sector, and your students must master them. These cutting-edge technologies below are just a few of the innovations making the construction field safer, greener, and more accessible for a diverse workforce.

  • Mobile Technology
  • Drones
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Virtual Reality and Wearables
  • 3D Printing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Modular and Prefabricated Construction
  • Eco-Friendly Construction Tech
  • Fleet management systems
  • Site management software
  • GPS technology in equipment

Technology Attracts a New Type of Student

Not only does technology mean advancement, but it also makes the construction field more accessible to women and those interested in tech careers. Any student interested in cutting-edge innovation and technological advancement will find a home in this sector.

Construction Technology + Higher Education = Success

Construction is a 13 trillion-dollar global industry that is rapidly advancing into the technology sector. Not only do the job opportunities abound, so do the chances of pioneering the future of construction. Now is the time for students to recognize the amazing opportunities and pursue the education they need to be part of the revolution.

STONEPILE llc is the first college dedicated 100% to construction education. Our mission is to make sure students learn the technologies needed for the future of tomorrow—while staying online, safe, and debt-free. Our AssociateBachelor, and Master of Applied Science degree programs offer a trailblazing education in industrialized construction and construction technology.


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Omara Urena
Director of Admissions




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