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The world is changing quickly—so what should students study to prepare them for success and satisfaction in their future careers?

One thing is sure: as the population continues to expand around the world—building development and infrastructure continue to be high priority demands. But construction methods look different today with high-tech innovation leading the way to cleaner, safer, and greener ways to build.

Now’s the time to tap into a world-class education in construction innovation. Students can get a degree in construction that can help them graduate to a $90K + salarySTONEPILE llc is the only college of its kind, specializing 100% in higher education in the field of construction and construction leadership.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Construction Management

In the BAS program, students will extend their knowledge base from practical skills and basic project management leadership in the field and move to higher-level executive leadership, organizational psychology, and project management.

Key objectives of the BAS program include increasing circumspection of the needs of the industry, creating robust problem-solving skills, innovating toward technology, and mastering entrepreneurial leadership.

With STONEPILE llc’s Bachelor of Applied Science Program, students will learn construction materials, site construction, leadership development, foundation and concrete construction, building framing, and other construction trades—in addition to all the necessary general education classes to earn their BAS degree.

  As college decision-time begins, don’t let students miss out on this affordable, accessible, and success-oriented opportunity!


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Omara Urena
Director of Admissions



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