STONEPILE llc | A Master’s Degree in Construction Today!

People who get a Master’s in construction develop professional skills that allow them to take on leadership positions in the construction industry—it’s a key element that prepares them for their GC license and full leadership potential.

People need training and support throughout their careers to develop their skills, work effectively and climb the ladder of success.


The Master of Applied Science in Prefabrication, Modular, and Offsite Construction degree program will train you in the science, theories, and skills of professional development, servant leadership, organizational change, and program development.

What is STONEPILEllc?

Humility • Honesty • Respect • Freedom

STONEPILEllc provides top-quality online learning and career support services to get you fully prepared to begin a leadership role in the construction field.

We are not a trade school or a construction
management program!

STONEPILEllc is an online higher education institution and the only online construction college that teaches all the professional scopes between trade schools and construction management programs.

Find out more about the prospects for future leaders in the construction industry and how STONEPILEllc’s unique leadership training methods will empower them to lead in this exciting field.

STONEPILEllc is 100% dedicated to the field of construction, specializing in innovations for the future.


We provide corporate discounts to our already low cost.


Dr. Jodi Vermaas
Founder I Disruptor I Mother of 12


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