The Benefits Of Higher Education Online

The rising cost of college tuition and debt continues to drive down enrollment. Federal financial aid can’t solve the problem as most college tuitions outpace the financial aid available. Numerous students drop out of brick-and-mortar schools without graduating, leaving them with lots of debt and no degree.

The truth is that running a college campus isn’t cheap, and tuitions are not likely to come down. Without the high price of running a campus life, online schools could be the answer to the rising costs of higher education.

Today’s online capabilities and internet solutions make online learning more effective than ever:


Flexibility– Students learn anywhere, any time. This means they can maintain jobs and family responsibilities while continuing their educations.

Independence– Students set their learning pace, thereby gaining valuable metacognition skills just by engaging in the online environment.1

Ease of Access– Online means students can avoid absences, lateness, traffic, scheduling issues, and interpersonal conflicts.

Reduced Costs– Online learning does not require a campus- thereby making the expense of college a fraction of the cost compared to traditional learning environments.

Technology Masters– Not only do students learn course materials, but also they become experts in online communication, which is- in itself- a vital skill for the jobs of tomorrow.

Equal Opportunity– Online learning is available in every location- giving rural and lower socioeconomic neighborhoods access to premier instructors and educational opportunities.

Low Cost Education that Yields High Paying Jobs– Because online learning platforms have evolved, online educations yield top-rate outcomes and-at times- better results than face-to-face learning. Such fantastic outcomes mean higher-paying jobs to graduates with less debt.2

There are drawbacks of online learning for students who desire campus life. Traditional colleges offer campus living, sports teams, and social experiences not possible at an online college. If a student wants those benefits- and can afford them- a traditional school is likely the best fit.

For the rest of the students who want an education that results in high-paying jobs, focused skills, and online communication mastery- and that’s both affordable and accessible- online college is the place to be!

STONEPILE marries higher education with pro-technology and pro-jobs skills- all at an affordable price tag. Students achieve the 120 credits hours and robust online education readying them for immediate success in the field.

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    1. You, J. W. , & Kang, M. (2014) The role of academic emotions in the relationship between perceived academic control and self-regulated learning in online learning. Computers & Education, 77, 125-133.
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