Power Brokers In The Construction Industry

When people think construction, they imagine builders and skilled workers. While there is a huge need for such professionals, most don’t realize the additional power roles in the construction industry. The opportunities in the construction field might surprise you.

Before he became the President of the United States, Donald Trump led real estate deals and developed scores of properties around the world. 1. Consider some other construction management firms: JacobsKraus-AndersonHill InternationalJLL, and Turner Construction Company– all who earn billions (even trillions in some cases) in yearly revenue. 2. These teams build stadiums and airports, luxury hotels and skyscrapers. They innovate, lead, and build noteworthy structures all over the world.

An education in construction management can propel your students into this same exciting profession.

The Degree

Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management program prepares students for leadership in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) field. Graduates will demonstrate skills in leadership, project management, and problem solving- and have their pick of lucrative and exciting jobs.

The Jobs

In addition to the numerous trade positions available, a degree in construction management also leads to these innovative and exhilarating jobs:

  • Real Estate Developer
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Building Services Manager
  • Construction Technologist
  • Site Manager
  • Project Manager of commercial, industrial, and residential properties

The Places

Construction takes you everywhere.  Check out the places it can take your students:

  • Residential- Create, build, innovate new homes, multi-family dwellings, senior living facilities, and apartment buildings to solve the current housing crisis.
  • Commercial- Lead in the private sector, to complete office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, resorts, sports arenas, golf courses, and other specialty structures.
  • Institutional- Bid and win projects in the public sector, such as schools, hospitals, and fire stations, while working for optimal city and urban planning.
  • Civil- Also in the public sector, choose to build big by winning government contracts to construct military bases, airports, railroads, dams, canals, and bridges.
  • Industrial- Problem solve in this area of construction that must satisfy stringent regulations for safety and accessibility, including pipelines, oil refineries, factories, power plants, and manufacturing facilities.
  • Environmental- Help keep the planet safe from pollutants, including work in the construction of treatment plants, sewers, and wastewater and storm management systems while also helping repurpose buildings and reinvent neighborhoods.
  • Agricultural- Aim big by working in the massive farming sector, preparing storage spaces, barns, silos, wells, tanks and cutting-edge building systems to grow America.

The Duties

Leaders in construction wear many hats- and not just hard hats!  Responsibilities include:

  • Understanding all construction details from site planning and layout to finishing touches- and how to implement the best materials and design/build details appropriate for the project type and geographical location.
  • Coordinating with engineers, architects, and city officials to build according to codes, needs, and goals.
  • Being masters of plans and construction drawings- as well as bidding and contracts- and being able to explain this information to all parties, including construction teams, developers, clients, and city officials.
  • Monitoring and supervising every step of the project.
  • Protecting and leading construction teams to safety, innovation, and excellence.
  • Budgeting time and money well in order to meet clients’ deadlines and bottom lines- even when faced with setbacks.

The Perks and Possibilities

A degree in Construction Management is for entrepreneurs who like to move fast and see their vision become tangible realities. Here are some other perks:

  • High salaries right out of school- The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics quoted $93,000 as median pay.3.
  • A limitless career for leaders, multi-taskers, and innovators
  • Vibrant experiences for continual learning and professional growth
  • Travel opportunities all over the world to supervise building projects
  • A growing industry- The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics projected 10% increase in construction-related jobs through 2028.4.

A Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management can open doors to some amazing career paths. STONEPILE offers an educational opportunity that is affordable and 100% online. Chat with us today about how to get students connected to the possibilities! The talented and experienced STONEPILE faculty is well connected with many sectors of the construction industry. We are dedicated to helping each student find the perfect job.

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*All images courtesy of BASE4


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