What’s the ZERO SCHOOL DEBT Model?

Here at STONEPILE, we’ve received lots of feedback about our ZERO SCHOOL DEBT Model. In this newsletter, we discuss further how students can graduate without that unwanted debt.


The ZERO SCHOOL DEBT Model is our commitment to helping students earn their Associate or Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Construction and Construction Management– debt-free. We are committed to serving and counseling students to stack up skills, education, and leadership experiences without stacking up school debt. So how do we do it?

How It Works
  • Upon receipt of the application, STONEPILE counsels potential students on the opportunity for a scholarship from our private endowment.
  • STONEPILE will match government grants and scholarships awarded to students.
  • We revolutionize affordable higher ed through our advanced online platforms and streamlined operations.
  • Students finish quickly with STONEPILE’s offering 3 academic semesters per calendar year, graduating full-time students in less than 1.5 (AAS) or 3 years (BAS).
  • With our working and learning together philosophy, we connect students with relevant, immediate, and lucrative job opportunities.
  • Our instructors are executives in the field who train students in success-oriented leadership and marketable building skills.

Immediate Opportunities
  • Introduce students to STONEPILE’s founder and BASE4 CEO, Dr. Garry Vermaas at a scheduled conference call or video chat. Schedule a chat here.
  • Invite Dr. Garry Vermaas to teach a live, online class to inform students about the trillion-dollar opportunities in the construction industry.
  • Invite female students to speak to Executive Coach and STONEPILE Program Director, Dr. Jodi Vermaas on Women in Construction Leadership. Set up the call here.
  • Connect special education students with our head of Student Services, Ms. Katie Browning.
  • Get more information about our programs.
  • Share this online poster detailing STONEPILE’s opportunities!
  • If you want more information on how to connect students with our ZERO SCHOOL DEBT plan, contact Katie, our Director of Enrollment and Student Services, for more information.

As college decision-time begins, don’t let students miss out on this affordable, accessible, and success-oriented opportunity!

Katie Browning
Director of Enrollment and Student Services
Stonepile LLC


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Jodi Vermaas, PhD
Program Director





*All images courtesy of BASE4

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