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The increase in nonresidential buildings has led to a booming construction industry, leaving contractors searching for skilled workers. This presents a great opportunity for job seekers seeking employment in the industry. With plenty of work available, now is the perfect time to consider a career in construction. The Construction Industry Needs You!

The construction industry desperately needs qualified, skilled craft professionals to build America.

~Michael Bellaman, ABC president and CEO.

Did you know: The number of construction workers ages 25-54 fell 8% over the past decade.

According to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America, the construction sector shed 9,000 jobs in March, the first decrease since January 2022, even as the sector’s unemployment rate fell and the total number of job openings in the sector hit a near-record high.

Laborers and skilled workers are reaping the benefits of short supply. The job market remains highly competitive, driving annual earnings up 22% in the last five years to an average of $70,088. Most workers work full-time and earn overtime, and roughly 45% of respondents reported changing employers within the last year, with the #1 reason being higher pay.

We know we are in volatile times, where supply chain issues and labor shortages are frustrating. It’s time to battle the current labor shortage with higher education!

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