Construction Is Getting Smarter with Data Intelligence

Technology is hard to keep up with—especially in construction! Big data is transforming the construction industry. We’ve come a long way from the traditional highlighter markups and paper plan sets. Instead, construction projects are increasingly data-driven, with tighter project start and finish deadlines and metrics for success.

Data Intelligence

Contractors are increasingly pulling info from the systems they already have to work faster and more efficiently.

What is Data Intelligence?

Data intelligence refers to using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to analyze and transform massive datasets into intelligent data insights, which can then be used to improve services and investments.

Why is data important in construction?

It helps clarify the current situation of a project or business and allows you to make more information-driven decisions.

  • Solutions using data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence will likely bring about significant changes to how engineering and construction firms bid on and execute projects; for example, combining tender information, current business status, and past performance data analytics could support go/no-go decision making.

Construction Is Getting Smarter with Data Intelligence

Construction projects can be complicated, especially when managing costs, scheduling, and meeting deadlines. Using data analytics in the construction process can help reduce risks, improve project performance, and increase efficiency. Using this data, we can conduct a cost analysis, schedule development, and schedule analysis.

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