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The construction industry is seeing significant changes in how things get done as it embraces technology. Automation has transformed and vaulted the industry into the future with improved sustainability and efficiency.

Automated technology is becoming increasingly important for filling positions and attracting young people as the workforce ages, and the industry faces a labor shortage. The industry also embraces mobile apps for connecting people, equipment, and materials to perform tasks more efficiently, with additional safety benefits.

New technologies are replacing traditional ways of doing things, such as creating models, drawings, and paperwork. Learn about the top trends in construction automation.

Automating Manual Tasks On-Site: Robots are filling labor shortages by automating repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks.

  • Rebar-tying robots are making waves in construction by automating a notoriously long and repetitive task. These bots can cut labor hours and overall work duration by 30%.

Creating Automated Prefab Construction: More prefabricated construction companies use automated manufacturing to improve their production operations.

  • Automated assembly on-site will be a more complex application for prefab construction in the future. This requires advanced robotic equipment in conjunction with automation algorithms to operate it.

Allowing Autonomous 3D-Printed Construction: Automated 3D printing is among the most cutting-edge applications for AI in construction. 3D-printed construction makes it less harmful to the environment than conventional methods since less waste is created in the building process. There is also minimal disturbance at and around build sites.

  • Fun Fact: The world’s largest 3D-printed neighborhood is in development in Austin, Texas.

The construction industry will see the rise of more innovative technologies as AI and robotics continue to advance.


According to a 2022 report by Market Research Future, the market size for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in construction will reach $2.5 billion by 2030. AI is already giving contractors a lot of benefits, such as better project planning and scheduling, lower project costs, and enhanced safety measures.

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