Higher Education for Generation Z

Gen Z is all grown up and ready for college!  As a group, Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse, tech-savvy, and (soon to be) educated generation in US history.1 Still, they understand the social issues of the day and want to ensure their education is worth their time and money! How can you help them find the right fit for college?

Meet Gen Z: They are some of the nation’s youngest people; born after 1996, the most senior of them will turn 23 this year.

Making College Worth the Price Tag

With the student loan crisis, most Americans now believe the value of a college education is intimately tied to whether they must go into debt to pay for it. As college costs escalate and cheaper alternatives become available, the ROI for a college education becomes less clear.

Knowledge expertise ‘expires’ within 18 to 24 months of its acquisition.

Going the Non-Traditional Route

There was a time that invention and innovation only came from colleges and universities. Today, business models and innovative technology are coming from startup companies as frequently as universities. On-site educators, for-profit training companies, software product companies, and online consultancies now deliver courses to workers who are self-educating.

Choosing their Own Path

Elite universities are prestigious, but not necessary. Companies have learned to look beyond college credentials to find best-fit candidates for positions. Gen Z needs to keep up with the times, no matter how they decide to learn.

Did you know that workers who don’t keep current will find themselves becoming unmarketable within two years?

Keeping up with the trends and technologies will require consistently monitoring trade and industry developments and acquiring and maintaining competence with new products as they come into the marketplace. Today’s students need affordable learning opportunities that keep them ahead of the learning curve.

Remember that STONEPILE llc is the first college dedicated 100% to construction education! As college decision-time begins, don’t let students miss out on this affordable, accessible, and success-oriented opportunity!


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Omara Urena
Director of Admissions




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