Women in Construction

The 1.3 Trillion Dollar Industry Needs Women to Lead

The construction industry needs leaders- and they are relying on women to fill the gap and take the lead. Currently, women make up only 9.4% of the total industry, with only 1 out of 100 women on the actual construction site.1 With its innovative and tech-savvy processes, the construction industry is asking women to give it a second look.

Why Women Succeed

Exciting new technology continues to transform the aptitudes and attitudes required for a career in construction. Physical strength is no longer necessary; today’s firms value collaboration, communication, and a penchant for details and quality. The jobsite is cleaner, safer, greener, and technology-driven, requiring strategic thinking and teamwork. Because women are rich in these qualities and skills, construction firms everywhere are looking for women to fill their leadership spots.

How Women Make It Better

  • Data indicates that firms with diverse leadership teams have higher earnings than firms that are not gender diverse.2
  • Inherent in these findings is the fact that women have have stronger aptitudes for some skills than their male counterparts, making a diverse leadership team the key to success.
  • A recent analysis of the gender diversity of 1500 leading companies showed that including women in top leadership coincided with a 42-million dollar increase in value.2
  • Such notable findings have inspired today’s firms to hire women who want to lead.

What next?

Inspire your students to consider a career in construction. There’s no better time! With a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Leadership and Associate of Applied Science in Construction, STONEPILE offers an affordable, online, and tech-savvy approach to preparing women for leadership in the field. Encourage students to check out the growing number of scholarships, support information, and career inspiration for female students, including: National Association of Women in ConstructionWomen in Construction Operations, and Women Construction Owners & Executives.

Katie Browning
Director of Enrollment and Student Services
Stonepile LLC


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Jodi Vermaas, PhD
Program Director





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