Written Communication Skills in Higher Education

The world is more technology-reliant than ever before. The shift to remote work and education means that written communication skills are critical for student success? Read on!

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As an educator, it’s essential to help students succeed in written communication skills. It’s our responsibility to recognize institutional communication gaps, evaluate the efforts to develop writing skills, and find room for improvement. In a recent study by Grammarly, 92% of participating college educators said students struggled with confidence in their writing.

Written communication has become a more integral part of educational and professional environments.

We offer a variety of continuing education courses so you can upgrade your communication skills!

  • 101 – English Literature and Composition: This course teaches students to analyze prose writing in a variety of periods and disciplines. Students will analyze their understanding of the ways in which writers use language to provide both meaning and information. With these foci, the students will communicate accurately, compellingly, and clearly in order to execute proficient writing and analytical skills.
  • 201 – English Digital and Business Communication: This class aims to train students to analyze the mechanics of written and oral communication across several platforms. Students will demonstrate the ability to show proficiency in the foundations and process of written and oral communication and show proficiency in how to read, listen, retain, and utilize information to develop effective business etiquette, improve ethical interpersonal interactions, and demonstrate practical communication skills in written, oral, and leadership contexts.

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