College Consolidation | What You Need to Know!

The higher education scene has undergone a significant transformation. Due to pressure to lower tuition, declining state funding, and a decreasing pool of high school graduates, many colleges and universities are consolidating or closing. However, there are cases where others are merging. What does this mean? Read on.

In 2016, colleges and universities across the country made headlines for various forms of consolidation.

How many colleges and universities have closed since 2016?

  • At least 32 public or non-profit colleges have closed, merged, or announced closures or mergers.
  • Eighteen public or private non-profit schools or campuses on our list have closed or announced planned closures for 2023-2024.
  • Thirteen public or private non-profit schools on our list have merged with other universities.
  • Nearly 80% of colleges closed between 2004-2020 were for-profit schools.
  • 52.9% of students who experienced a college closure did not re-enroll.

College consolidation, which refers to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and closings, has led to significant changes for students.

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