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Technology has thoroughly transformed the way we work, play, and communicate. But there are now even more significant breakthroughs on the horizon in the form of artificial intelligence (AI). With artificial intelligence (AI) getting smarter by the minute, a new generation of robots is learning to think for itself. But what does this mean for construction? Read on.

Artificial Intelligence in Construction

AI technology makes it easier to understand project limitations and create solutions in real time. As a result, companies in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) tech space are taking note of the possibilities for AI efficiencies in the industry and are developing solutions to do just that.

In construction, AI consists of two main areas–deep learning and machine learning.

  • Construction companies are starting to use AI in various ways, from automated machine learning algorithms that can identify potential safety hazards on worksites to drones that can map out job sites and create 3D models of buildings under construction.
  • Construction companies use AI to analyze project data, such as construction site monitoring and real-time predictive analytics, to make informed decisions that affect the project’s quality, safety, profitability, and schedule.
  • AI in construction has the potential to help players realize value throughout project lifecycles, including design, bidding, and financing; procurement and construction; operations and asset management; and business model transformation.

In construction, machine learning can help project engineers, supervisors, and everyone else involved in a project.

Technology in Construction

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