Higher Education Update | The Student Debt Crisis

A large majority of US adults feel they would be unable to afford a college education. Yet, higher education’s soaring costs are one of today’s most significant financial hurdles. College costs have far outpaced inflation for at least a decade, fueling the student debt crisis. What can be done? Read on.

College costs

A new Morning Consult poll of 4,420 US adults conducted in August 2022 found that 77 percent of adult Americans consider a college degree challenging to afford, while over half say the same about undergraduate education at an in-state public institution.

More women than men said obtaining a college degree was not affordable.

Should Students Consider Online College? YES!

The benefits of online education are endless.

Online courses are an affordable and convenient alternative to attending a community college or even a traditional university. A growing number of students are obtaining their college education through online colleges. Learning online is a great way to increase your knowledge and skills, thanks to its flexible environment! Some of the most cited benefits include flexible scheduling cost.

STONEPILEllc The Online Construction College provides affordable, accessible, industry-disrupting Construction Leadership training to help meet the growing demand for qualified construction leadership professionals.


STONEPILEllc Online Construction College is a private online higher education institution that offers an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Construction, a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science in Construction, and a Master of Applied Science in Prefabrication, Modular, and Offsite Construction.

STONEPILEllc‘s open enrollment allows admission at any time, with a start date at the beginning of any of the three semesters each year.

  • Associate of Applied Science in Construction: Tuition Cost $12,000
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Program in Construction: Tuition Cost $24,000
  • Master of Applied Science in Prefabrication, Modular, and Offsite Construction: Tuition Cost $9,000

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Online. Affordable. Success-Oriented.

Dr. Jodi Vermaas
Founder I Disruptor I Mother of 12



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