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When deciding which college to attend, many students check out the enrollment statistics, tuition costs, and general information for guidance when choosing which college to enroll in. Wondering what the current College Enrollment Statistics are—read on!

Did you know: Older students, grad students, remote learners, and career switchers make up a diverse and changing student population.

  • 15.9 million students were enrolled at a postsecondary institution from 2018 to 2022.
  • About 11.6 million students, or 73%, were enrolled in an associate or bachelor’s program.
  • Roughly 2.9 million, or 18%, were enrolled in a graduate-level program.

Most college students are enrolled at the undergraduate level, where bachelor’s degrees are more popular than associate programs. However, about 2.8 million students are enrolled in graduate programs such as master’s and doctoral degrees, professional studies like medical and law degrees, and other graduate-level certificate programs.

Online vs. In-Person Enrollment

Almost 46% of college students were enrolled exclusively in online courses, representing a 151% increase from the previous year.

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